We ALL ran for the Kids

Yesterday, I wasn’t the only one in our family running for the kids.  My 3 year old decided part way through that she too wanted to run – and so in the spirit of running for the ‘kids,’ she jumped out of her stroller and started pounding the pavement.  I expected Olivia to tucker out after a few minutes, but 20 minutes on, this little poppet was still running!  She ran over a kilometre, which slowed us down considerably – but melted our hearts as we watched the delight spread across her face every step of the way.

Evidently, my daughter inherited my determination.  Apparently a great quality.  I agree – a great quality once your passed your 20′s (and the parenting has hopefully relaxed itself somewhat).  My determined child has created more challenges that I was ever prepared for, but of course I wouldn’t swap her and love her to bits.

I’m so proud of my little family and how we ran yesterday.  We got up extra early on our precious Sunday to run with thousands of others to raise money for the Royal Children’s Hospital.  We are extremely fortunate we have not yet needed the services of the Hospital but we know they care for thousands upon thousands of Children each year – one specific little man who is close to our hearts.  We ran for him.

It’s uplifting and satisfying to be part of a bigger community all working toward a goal together.  Of course the bonus in this was starting our Sunday with exercise – and you know what I say about that.  Exercise helps give your body and fertility a big boost.  It gets the blood pumping – and only good things can come from that!   Thank you to everybody for your encouragement, it was a fantastic morning and I so glad we were part of it.