Gubinge – and the giveaway


Everybody needs a little Gubinge in their life.  G-what you're asking?  Gubinge.  It's the Aussie King of superfoods, grown here in this wonderful country – and we are giving one lucky facebook 'liker' the opportunity to win.  But before I go on about that – here's what you need to know about Gubinge.


Gubinge is BUSTING with goodness – in fact it has the highest natural source of Vitamin C on the planet!

That's pretty super.  Here's what loving earth have to say about it's wonderfulness:

"Gubinge is a bush plum; there's a lot of hype around stuff coming out of the Amazon, Acai and so on, but Gubinge is a really powerful indigenous Australian superfood. It's the highest natural source of Vitamin C on the planet, and that's been verified. The species is called Terminalia Ferdinandiana, more popularly known as the Kakadu plum, and it grows in the Kakadu and the Kimberleys. The Kimberley version however has tested higher than the Kakadu version for Vitamin C. In the Kimberleys, where it is known as Gubinge, they're not irrigating it or cultivating it using typical commercial horticultural techniques, which a number of operations up in the Northern Territory are doing. Essentially, those precious vital phytonutrients (the antioxidants within plants) are there to make the plant itself stronger. They do the same for the plant as they do for us, so if you pamper the plant too much, it doesn't need them anymore! If that plant is in its natural environment and there's a certain level of environmental stress present, that makes the plant stronger, so you get these higher levels of antioxidants."

In a nutshell – Gubinge is so wonderful because it goes about making itself (as a plant) super strong by producing loads of its own antioxidants to make the plant heartier.  It's these nutrients that get passed onto you when you start to include it in your diet which do all kinds of ace things to your health and fertility.

But here is what I love:

" To make it we simply take the whole frozen fruit, dehydrate it at 40ºC for 16 hours and then mill it into a powder, so in essence all we have done is take away the water: everything else is there in the powder. The thing about it being a whole food is that nature packages these things in such a manner that they can easily be absorbed; Vitamin C is one important phytonutrient, but like most things, for that to be absorbed into the system, there are a couple of other things that the body really needs to be able to properly utilise it. Those other things are also important and carry out functions, but in our Western approach we tend to reduce things; there is in fact awhole, so in terms of a supplement it's amazing. It's packaged with everything; not only is it the highest natural source of Vitamin C, but it also includes everything else your body needs to assimilate the Vitamin C. All the synthetic Vitamin C supplements and extracts, they're going to be a lot cheaper in terms of milligram for milligram of Vitamin C. In terms of overall effectiveness however…they're incomparable. Two different worlds.

So basically you take this and your body can use every skerrick because it is a complete, whole food.  And we now know that whole foods are the only way to go because they are the complete package.  Mucking around with foods (think skim milk or low fat foods – learn more here) makes them lack vital nutrients and offer no value to our diet.  In fact, they can have quite the opposite effect of making us sick and fat.

Sick and tired of feeling sick and tired?  Gubinge is for YOU.

Including a superfood like Gubinge in your diet can make an amazing difference to your overall health which directly boosts your immunity, energy and your bodies ability to fight off illness and disease (like cancers) and because it is local to our environment – it is perfect for those of us living in Australia.  We are a product of our environment and local food and produce is best assimilated by your body.  Remember – fertility is an extension of your health, and so overall wellness is the key to making babies.

Now, for your chance to win, simply like us on facebook.  Winners will be notified this friday the 13th! 

Good Food Friday Treats :: Sam’s Super Smoothie


image from pinterest

Following on from yesterday's post Fertilise your smoothie – it seems many of you are keen as for the recipe.  Don't be afraid to play around with the ingredients – you can substitute anything your heart so desires – use the powders as a base and switch between the different milks and fruits or veggies.

Sam's Super Smoothie (in case you've missed it – you can find Sam here)

1 scoop Sun Warrior Protein Powder (available here)

1/2 tbp loving earth cacao powder (less is more with this little wonder)

1 tbs loving earth mesquite

1 teaspoon loving earth maca powder

1 cup berries

2 cups of either rice or almond milk, or coconut water.

Place all ingredients in a blender and whizz until smooth and serve.  


* all loving earth products mentioned here are now available at The Pagoda Tree.

Fertilise your smoothie

I was lucky enough to hook up with my gal pal and wellness sister Sam Gowing when she was in town a few weekends ago at one of her Masterclasses.  I'll share more about these classes sometime soon.  You've met Sam before, think Byron Love Cake and Paleo Crunch.

She made some lip smacking dishes for the class, one of which was her 'powerful protein superfood smoothie.'   Now Sam knows health and I know fertility – put the two together you have yourself one mega healthly fertility pumped up delight!

So what is the secret to this fertile delight?  Superfoods of course!  Now, all superfoods go great guns on your health and fertility but there are some you might want to especially look out for.  What's more – we are now stocking these few in the clinic.

Ok, so let's talk Maca (nope, it isn't short for McDonalds).

I'll break it down for you.

Why do you need it?  Well, it stimulates your endocrine system – the 'controler' of your body.  This means it regulates hormones which will directly go to work on your reproductive organs assisting in regulating your menstrual cycles and stimulating your fertility.  It's also great for libido and fabulous for giving your energy a kick up the butt and leaping into action.

Get this – it's particularly useful for menopausal women as it balances hormones.  Also wonderful in the treatment of pre menstrual syndrome.  Music to any women's ears!

Mesquite is the second superfood on my list and is ace for fertility as it's chock full of all the good stuff including magnesium, calcium, potassium, zinc and iron as well as being high in protein and amino acid lysine.  See – you need it!  But wait, there's more – it helps to stabilise blood sugar levels which is wonderful for women with poly cystic ovaries or with insulin resistance.  It's a good one to add to your fertility pumping list.


And then there is Cacao.  Why do you need it?  Because it's busting with antioxidants (remember they help your body work better, heal and cope with stress) which is essential for good fertility as they sweep through the body and make it happy.  Best of all, Cacao makes you feel good!

So what do you do with this Maca, Mesquite and Cacao?  Add it to your smoothie of course to make it count!  After all, a dose of protein alone has nothing on this! Want more info on these products – you can jump on over to the loving earth website.  A word of warning, you will want to buy everything!


Don't forget – if you want the chance to get your hands on your own fertility friendly water bottles?  I'm giving one lucky facebook follower, 3 Bobble bottles (500ml), valued at over $45.  To be in the running, head to our Pagoda Tree facebook page and simply 'like' us!

Good Food Friday Eats :: Sexy Slaw

I've been on a Salad rampage the past few weeks – scurrying like a squirrel before winter sets in to get in as much 'cold' food as I can before my body starts to shut shop on the raw front.  You see, Chinese Medicine recgonises that cold food in cold weather doesn't necessarily do your body any favours.  It impairs gut function (since digestion occurs at 37 degrees) and triggers off all kinds of troubles ranging from irritable bowel symptoms right through to period pain and low immunity.

Be mindful and allow your body to slip through the seasons with ease.  Sit down to warmer foods as the nights get cooler and winter begins to reveal itself.  It's the little simple things that make the biggest difference.  

The balance of protein and quality fats in this salad makes it the perfect fertile salad!


Sexy Slaw


Salad Ingredients

2 hard boiled eggs (cooked to your liking)

1 peach

1/2 an avocado chopped

small handful of snow pea sprouts

1/4 red or green cabbage



1/4 cup kewpie mayo (available in the asian section of the supermarket)

2 tbs sesame oil

dash of mirin*

dash of fish sauce*

3 tbs rice wine vinegar

2 tsp sesame seeds

2 tsp chia seeds

1 tsp quality peanut butter



Cook eggs and set aside

Finely chop cabbage, avocado and peach and peel and cut eggs into segments

Combine all ingredients and top with sprouts

Combine all dressing ingredients and shake well

Pour over salad and toss through


You can vary the ingredients in this to whatever your heart so desires.  Think figs (in season and fabulous for fertility – see here) grated carrot, baby spinach leaves etc.  The sky is the limit!

*mirin and fish sauce both contain sugar – if you're cut sugar from your diet you can simply leave out & add more peanut butter

Guest Post :: Louise Bell’s top 5 Ways to wellness

Louise Bell's top 5 Ways to wellness

Louise Bell from Table Tonic

I want to introduce you to Louise.  Louise is the owner of Table Tonic a wonderful online homewares (and other treasures) boutique.  Previously, Louise was the creative director at Cosmo, Cleo & Dolly magazines, and she certainly knows how to make life beautiful.  I met Louise via twitter over a year ago, and quickly discovered not only her chic home stylin', but her love for natural living.  I'm slightly (ok that's a huge lie, I'm totally) obsessed with her website.  On her blog she often shares little tips and tricks she's implementing for better health not just for herself but for her whole family.  I love that her blog isn't one dimensional, it's offers style, fashion and health.  Follow her – you'll thank me later.
Top green smoothie mix:
364 days out of 365, I start the day with a green juice or green smoothie. It fills you up, tastes AMAZING, and it's so quick and easy it's not even funny. How I make a green smoothie? Simply chuck the following in a blender and whizz until smooth – A few handfuls of spinach, 1 frozen banana (peel it prior to freezing), 1 peeled lemon, 1 tablespoon of chia seeds, 300ml water or coconut water, handful of ice. That's a great basic recipe, although if you're starting out, simply use more fruit and less greens, and gradually include more greens and less fruit. You might also want to check out a blog post I recently did on Making the perfect green smoothie or green juice
Top superfood (or 5!): Maca Powder, chia seeds, goji berries, acai powder, cacao beans and bee pollen are always in our kitchen and they're all available from health food stores or online. Smoothies are the perfect vehicle for superfoods – simply chuck 1 or 2 of your favourite superfoods in the blender with your smoothie and enjoy! Wellness guru David Wolfe has written an incredible book if you'd like to learn more – Superfoods: the food and medicine of the future. Buy it here.
Top de-stress outlet: Book Depository could be called my top de-stress outlet in a way – Reading for me is the ultimate relaxation, and several books have recently made their way onto my bookshelf. These 5 are so life-changing you'll want to shout about them from the rooftops:
Crazy Sexy Diet by Kris Carr – An unbelievable eye-opener and great general health read for anyone looking to improve their wellness in a BIG way.
The Beauty Detox Solution by Kimberly Snyder – A beautifully designed book, full of inspiring tips and info on the food we eat and the effect they have on our system, and ultimately, our appearance.
The Green Smoothie Revolution and Green for Life by Victoria Boutenko – Must reads for anyone new to (or thinking about) green smoothies!
Clean by Dr Alejandro Junger – Dr Junger is a trained cardiologist who practices in integrative healing. Clean will teach you how to dial your detox system to full speed while supporting your body to maximize effectiveness.
The PH Miracle by Dr Robert O. Young – The PH Miracle is the Acid/Alkaline bible – Health nuts worldwide swear by it!
PS If you haven't heard of Book Depository, their prices are beyond excellent and they offer free delivery worldwide!
Top food: My Sunday Night Powerballs have been a hit with my readers, so you guys might just love them too (and so will your kids!). Find my recipe here. Oh, and I recently discoverd Broccoli Sprouts. Great on a salad for the ultimate nutrient boost!
Top treatment: Got a pulse? Then a  juice cleanse will benefit you, by giving your overworked digestive system a break for as little as 1 day to as many as 7 days. There are several companies offering juices cleanses, most of which deliver to your door! Try Lucky You (I did their 7 day juice cleanse last year), Schkinny Maninny, Urban Remedy and Juice Revolution.
Told you she was good!  Now go make your green smoothie and kick back with a good book Louise Bell style!