Start your engines! It’s cleansing time.

image by Hayley – at little pinwheel

If your a regular follower, you might know that today is the first day of this years Spring Body Cleanse.  If you have decided to join in – wonderful!  You will find your inbox will be hit with several emails to help guide you through the cleanse.  If you wanted to jump in – it's never too late, so let us know and we can forward the details to you.

Cleansing is all about simplifying.  It provides the space to clear the decks, peel things right down to the core and allow your body to rid of the excess that builds. This isn't limited to physical 'toxic matter' but also mental and emotional cleaning that comes with being simple.  It's a win win!

For those cleansing, the next week will have its up's and down's.  This is totally normal.  The more you are aware of how you are feeling, the better.  Be kind to yourself but most of all listen – listen to what your body is telling you.  When it all feels too much, boil the kettle and make a cup of tea (herbal of course!) or pop on the trainers and take a stroll.  Create the space you need (cleansing or not really!) to allow your body to best cope in its surroundings.

Hopefully by the end of it all, we will have shown you just how fabulous and rejuvenated your body can feel (trust me, I'm jealous – this pregnant woman has to sit it out this time round) – and in doing so I encourage you to take it one step further and quit the bad stuff all together.  Sounds tough now but as you walk toward the finish line, I'm certain you would have changed your opinion.  This is where Sarah's e-book is the next step in the puzzle to a healthier you.  I hope that you will be so inspired by your new found self, you will be encouraged to download her book and start applying the principles to help make this your way of life.  Of course there are things you will add back into your diet, and Sarah's book is the perfect prelude in working toward optimum order and at the same time, stepping you through how to go about it.  All that is left to say is – happy cleaning!

So, you want to Cleanse?

In recent years I've ran a Cleanse via this site.  You can read all about it here and here.   I've had several readers message me to show their interest over the past few weeks.  Being pregnant, cleansing is something on the back burner for me but I'm more than prepared to go ahead with this if there is enough people keen to clean.

There has been a lot of attention focused on ‘cleansing’ in relation to its necessity and effectiveness. I have to agree with some of what has been published; over the counter ‘kits’ don’t properly support the body and may be harmful and damaging because not one size fits all when it comes to cleansing.  However, I am here to tell you, your body can only benefit from the right type of cleanse.

Cleanses are absolutely necessary to rid the body of toxic matter that builds up and literally lodges itself right through the gut. Your gut is your bodies own cleansing mechanism, however, what we ingest, breathe and wash ourselves in, isn’t doing our bodies justice. Potentially our bodies would do an awesome job of eradicating waste, if we put into it cleaner things including, less toxic food, water free from nasty pesticides, antibiotics and drugs.

Perhaps you have been thinking about cleansing or better still, cutting out sugar from the diet (see Sarah's E-book here).  This can be an excellent introduction for your body to smoothly transition into new habits of cleaner eating.  We are able to support you through this process which can be daunting.  

So I need a show of hands!  Let me know if you're interested in jumping on board this years spring cleanse and I will be in touch with you about the in's and out's of it.  You can either reply in the comment section below or email me.  I dare you to get your body summer ready.  I absolutely know you will LOVE how you feel once you have allowed your body to be clean again.