so much love to share.

So here’s the thing.  I share, I care.  I give.  I give a lot of information out on this blog and in all honesty I expect nothing in return.  Until now.  Keep reading.

This is my friend and fellow blogger Hayley.  You might not realise that you have met her before.  She has taken many awesome images for me – all of the cleansing recipes shared on the blog are her images – and more.  She designs flyers for the clinic, edits images I send through – she is always on call!  She is one clever lady.  And if you aren’t in practice of reading her blog – it’s time to start practicing.

Anyway – it’s time I started sharing the love.  I want to start doing a series of posts that share the love! To get it out there and share around my helpers – the people that help me be who I am.  You saw Amy a few weeks back.  She is one person that makes me, me.  Hayley is another.

Hayley has been nominated as one of Kid spot top 50 bloggers for 2011 – an massive achievement in itself.  See – I want her to win or at least be in with a great chance.  So you need to vote here for me (well for her).  Because we can only each vote once.  Take this link, click it and vote for Hayley