My goodness me! BabyGanics

I've stumbled across some wonder products lately – this, my friends takes the cake in home cleaning and hygiene.  I'm all about green cleaning and chemical free – so when things i heart contacted me and wanted my feedback on these products, I was only too ready to take a peek.  Had I have realised just how awesome the products were going to be – I would have made sure I was more appreciative of them for thinking of me!

So THIS is Baby Ganics - Loved by mums and bubs across the world, BabyGanics gives toxic chemicals the flick and replaces them with naturally derived plant-based cleaning agents!  Genius.  Im converted – and I'm certain you will be too once you give BabyGanics a try.  It provides the power of a regular cleaner without the nasties which we know are harmful to your health – especially your fertility!

AND because I'm so in love, I have not one (yes I know, I sound like a game show host.. but when in Rome) but TWO treats for you.

Firstly – we all love a giveaway, and this one is a super doper generous one.  We have for one lucky reader a BabyGanics pack containing:

1 Grime Fighter spray
1 Small Sanitizer in the pump
1 Hand Sanitizing wipes 
1 Dish Dazzler

And secondly – can't wait to get your hands on this?  Well, you can shop via things i heart and use the code pagodatree to receive a 15% discount!  HELLO!  That's all kinds of awesome right there.  


I could keep raving but that's only going to delay you from finding out for yourself just how good this is – so you can tell me by replying in the comments below, why you NEED to win this fabbo pack.   Should you be as impatient as I can be, jump over to things i heart to take advantage of the discount and take a peek at the rest of the range.  Once you have it in your hot little hands – come back and tell us just what you think!  You're going to LOVE it.  Oh and if you want – here they are on Facebook too!



weekend delights – get that laundry outside

                                                            image from flicker

Good food friday treats has been MIA – basically because this pregnancy is helping me to take things a little slower than usual, and on top of that, I'm not exactly sure you would be enjoying my present cravings.  They are mostly salty and involve frantic trips to the supermarket to seek out exactly what I'm feeling in that brief moment.  Last week saw it absolutely necessary for me to tear up to the shops to buy all the ingredients to make ham hock soup.  You see – there is just one problem with this scenario.  I don't eat pork.  But of course I just had to have it and so I made it.  5 whole hours of stewing later – I couldn't eat it – but I made my husband serve himself a bowl – unfortunately he doesn't eat pork either.  Yup, first trimesters can be really unkind and upon the advice of a wise midwife, it's certainly time to rest and listen to your body… minus the pork in my case.

I couldn't let you go through the weekend empty handed.  It's the perfect day to get the washing done and hang it to dry in the sunshine.  You see – this does great things for your health and your household.  

Sunshine is the perfect natural bleaching agent and kills off nasty bugs and bacteria – it is also a natural stain remover and whitener.  Get those whites into some rays.  Green cleaning is excellent for your fertility as I've shared before – nasty chemicals can have devastating effects on our health, our unborn and the entire household, pets and all.

It's great for the environment and you get a little exercise in too, not to mention a few minutes to kick off Vitamin D production in the body – it truly is a win win!

But most of all – find me something that smells better than line dried sheets.  I bet you can't.  But should you be able to, I'm a woman of my word.  I'll repay you with my ham hock soup!