Good Food Friday: Revamped hot cross buns

hot cross buns

So here's a re-vamped, re-run, re-shared re-cipe full of goodness that fits in with the bunny season!  My healthy version of Hot Cross Buns!  There's nothing to wait for.  Go to your supermarket and get your bake on kids, this is the winning recipe when it comes to buns this easter.

Nat's super hot cross buns

  •     1 1/2 cups (375ml) coconut milk
  •     2 tsp (7g/1 sachet) dried yeast
  •     1 tbs sugar
  •     60g of coconut butter, melted
  •     1/4 cup chia seeds
  •     1tbs superfood of your choice – I chose gubinge – this of course is optional
  •     1 egg, lightly whisked
  •     2 1/2 cups (675g) rice flour
  •     2 cups of coconut flour
  •     1tsb baking powder
  •     1 tsp salt
  •     3 tsp mixed spice
  •     1 cup currants
  •     1/3 cup (80ml) cold water
  •     1 egg beaten to glaze


Combine the milk, yeast and 1 tbs of sugar in a small bowl. Set aside in a warm, draught-free place for 10 minutes or until frothy.

Combine the milk mixture, coconut butter and egg in a jug and whisk.  Combine 2 cups (600g) of rice flour and 2 cups of the coconut flour, baking powder, chia seeds, gubinge and salt in a bowl. Add the currants and stir.  Make a well in the centre. Pour in the milk mixture and with a wooden spoon stir until just combined, then use your hands to bring the dough together.

Turn onto a lightly floured surface and knead for 10-15 minutes or until elastic like. Place the dough in a bowl and cover with a damp tea towel. Place in a warm spot for 1 hour or until dough doubles in size.

Preheat oven to 200°C. Grease a square cake tin. Punch the dough down with your fist and again turn dough onto a lightly floured surface, kneading for 2-3 minutes or until dough is smooth and elastic. Divide dough into 16 even pieces shaping each portion into a ball. Arrange dough portions, side by side, in the prepared pan. Set aside in a warm, draught-free place for 30 minutes or until dough has risen 2cm.

Meanwhile, mix the remaining flour and water together in a small bowl until a smooth paste forms. Place in a small plastic bag and snip off the end. Pipe a continuous line down the centre of each row of buns, lengthways and widthways, to form crosses. Bake in preheated oven for 10 minutes.

Reduce heat to 180°C and bake for a further 15 minutes or until golden and cooked through (buns are ready when they sound hollow when tapped on the base).

Whisk final egg. Brush over each bun and place back in oven for a few minutes to cook egg.  Once glossy and set, remove from oven, place on a wire rack and when possible turn onto rack to cool.  Serve warm with butter, or toasted.

*these will rise to a lesser degree than regular hot cross buns

Such Different Eats2
Holy yum balls!  Will you take a look at this beauty!  The ever beautiful Tara Bliss brings us this slice of heaven today for Good Food Friday.  Tara is no stranger to my site, we love her!  

Tara and I are beating the same drum when it comes to food and wellness.  She recognises as we move into the cooler months that our foods adjust to support what our bodies require throughout the change in seasons.  We are after all, a product of our environment and so with this in mind, we need to remember the tweaks we can adopt to our diet and lifestyle that support our systems.  This recipe is perfect for Autumn, incorporating warm cooked fruits and ingredients that our bodies love to digest.  For those of us with weaker digestive systems, you might like to adopt the warm, cooked food approach for the most part.  In any case, here's one to add to your weekend meal plan!

small hummingbird cake
Oh my little loins will you look at what's being served up today?!  If anybody wants to make this recipe for me and drop it in, feel free.  I have to say Hummingbird cake is my all time favourite.  With recipes this good – nobody is missing out!  Today's recipe is thanks to the beautiful Nicole Beardsley from the Happy Parent Project.  I know Nicole well – she is a delight and an asset to the wellness industry.  Keep reading to find out all about this gorgeous girl and all she has to offer PLUS how to score yourself a copy of her book 'Sugar Free Baking,' because who doesn't want a slice of THAT?

Hummingbird Cake

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coconut yoghurt

So how about this for an experiment with double the fun?  TWO recipes from the one amazing mix.

I was playing around in the kitchen this week and fell over THIS.

See above.  It's my coconut yoghurt recipe – LITERALLY blending the flesh of a coconut (or might I suggest a few for a decent batch) with a probiotic capsule and blending until it's a super smooth consistency.  Even my husband was licking the bowl!

Then, after I made this, I thought I'd take it one step further and create….

Nat's coconut dish

Here's what you need (makes 2 serves):

1 cup of my My coconut yoghurt (or you could use coho)
3-4 strawberries
5-6 blueberries
2 tbs chia seeds
1 cup of coconut water 


Blend the coconut yoghurt with berries and set aside.
Combine chia and coconut water and allow to sit until the chia absorbs the coconut water.
Mix the coconut yoghurt with the chia seeds and serve in martini glasses.

So good and easy!



Have you see the Whole Pantry App?  Holy wow – it is stunning and full of fabulous treats, recipes, resources and expert advice to make your life that much more delicious.

This week, I've been craving Chocolate Nutbutter Cups.  It doesn't help when images like the one above circulate the internet!  And then, we were deciding on a recipe to feature this week, this jumped out at me – because again, craving!!  So – hop to it, it isn't difficult and it is super nutritious.  And then of course you'll want to know more about Belle and her app so scroll down for all avenues to connect with her.  She is one very clever and inspirational woman!

Makes 8 GF, DF, VGN 15mins

Raw Chocolate

  • ½ cup melted coconut oil
  • ½ cup raw cacao powder
  • 2.5 tbs maple syrup
  • A pinch of sea salt flakes
  • Sea salt flakes or cacao nibs for topping.
  • 2Tbs Superfoods (optional) – See Tips

Nutbutter Filling

¼ cup nut butter (or sunflower seed butter if allergic)


  1. In a bowl, whisk through the cacao and salt through the melted coconut oil and maple syrup so no clumps are present.
  2. Pour 1tsp of chocolate mixture into mini muffin cases/chocolate molds and place in freezer for 5 minutes or until firm.
  3. Remove from freezer and spoon on ½ tsp. nubutter into the center of each chocolate, place back into freezer if nutbutter is runny.
  4. Top each chocolate with 1 tbs. of chocolate mixture and leave to set in fridge or freezer for at least 30 minutes.


  • Top with sea salt or cacao nibs if desired.
  • Add 2tbs of superfoods to the chocolate mix before freezing to boost nutritional benefits; we recommend mesquite, lucuma, açai or maca for this recipe.
  • These are raw; so serve immediately or store in an airtight container in the fridge. Double the quantities to make into larger cups.

 You can connect with Belle on social media, or find her app, The Whole Pantry on both the iPhone App and Android Play store.  We'll be hearing more from Belle in the very near future.



Instagram @healing_belle

Twitter @TheWholePantry

Good Food Friday :: Sardine Cups


On Wednesday, I was lucky enough to be in Sydney for a few instore book signings at Lululemon.  What a hoot that was!  I love Sydney.  A lot.  During the event, I made this recipe from my newest book (co-authored with Andi) Eat Fat, Be Lean and had the masses licking their lips!  So I wanted to share it today.


above (R to L) Andi my co-author and Kate from Lululemon


Eat Fat, Be Lean (RRP $27.95) is full of savoury, Paleo inspired recipes (different to it's sister, Eat Fat, Be Thin $24.95, which is full of sweet options).  It's available in all good book stores, from my clinic and online using the links above.

And it goes without seeing – this is super fertile food!



Oh em gee!  How much do I love this beauty.  Lana Purcell is an amazing influence in the wellness industry – and goes by the title of "the healthy life-stylist."  She is one very clever woman and we're going to learn a whole lot more about her in coming weeks!  But until then – we want to keep your tastebuds satisfied so here's her famous Healthy Chocolate Crackle Bar!

Long gone is the sugary milky bland chocolate in the fridge or cupboard. With a sweep of the cupboard and a sweet treat craving this little baby was born. Enjoy responsibly, share with the kids only when necessary. 

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Good Food Friday :: Fertile Fig Tart


I enjoyed the most delicious fig tart at a delightful dinner party with on of my BFF's last weekend.  It was in fact, a greek inspired gorgeous spread.  She had made this one pictured above and it was to die for.  

I've modified the recipe to make it a little more fertile friendly.  And know this :: figs are great for making amazing semen.  Enjoy my fertile friends!

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You know my wellness sista and beautiful friend Melissa Ambrosini (in fact I was with her last night at the Self Love and Sisterhood event!  Winning!!).  You've met her on healthtalks and she's featured on my site before.  She's the girl that teaches people how to fall in love with themselves, get healthy and quit the destructive monkey chatter.  She's beautiful, has a massive heart, and just like me, she's on a mission to help women be a better version of themselves!  I've asked her to share a recipe for our Good Food Friday Treats.  You're in for a treat; meet Mel's Raw Chocolate Cherry Brownie! 

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