I was delighted to hear this book was coming to life – to create some awareness around a topic that is useful for all women, especially the young.  You see when I wrote my Fertilise Yourself, I quickly discovered something;  it wasn't women (and men) ready to have babies that I needed to convince good health was a must, it was young women who needed the education and support.  This starts from the get go and if we can nail it, will change the way for the future around hormone health and long term fertility.  I'm delighted to give you some more insight into this new book today. 

Cycling to Grandma's House

Luna has just been assigned a challenging school project: to find the most incredible characteristic about being a girl and then present it to her class. Luna races home to ask for advice from her mother, who suggests she do her project on an experience that Luna shares with other girls all around the world: menstruation. As she summons the courage to talk to other girls and women from various cultures about their first period, she embarks on an exciting journey that will change her life forever.

A powerful new Australian children’s book is breaking a long held taboo by tackling the issue of menstruation and menarche (the first menstrual bleed by a woman).
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The lucky person to score this HUGE giveaway is….


You are the totally lucky (and envy of many wellness peeps) giveaway holder!  


And now because I've got your attention, I've got a bit more to tell you.

For a limited time only, purchase Debunking Ovulation download AND receive my Christmas book – Fertilise Your Christmas for FREE!  Of course Fertilise Your Christmas isn't just for those wanting babies – you won't necessarily fall pregnant just from one serve of my christmas torte.  But I can confirm, it will have your hormones more happy than ever!  This has your entire Christmas day menu, sorted.  Plus drinks to enjoy on Christmas day, gifts you can make and tips to survive the crazy season.  

I've also got something SUPER exciting I'm announcing this week – I can't give much away, so stay tuned.  I can tell you this much – it's something that will continue to make your day sweeter and your keep wellness library up to date.  Keep your finger on the refresh button later this week.


And finally – for those who asked for an affiliate link for Fertilise Your Christmas, at the bottom of this post, you can get all the details to pop it on your site and not only help me spread the festive word but get some back for your efforts!  I thank you from the bottom of my heart! 


Nat x

p.s. Are you loving the opportunity to score with these great giveaways?  I don't generally do a lot of giveaways but I've got a lot of pretty cool stuff to make your lives THAT much better and I'd love your feedback.  Of course I only offer things that I use myself and love, so I'd never lead you on a bum steer but I'm conscious of your thoughts around these giveaways.  SO I'll be guided by you, my reader.  What's not to love really?

OH my Santa pants, I'm so excited about this beauty!  This Friday we release my new mini e-book, Fertilise Your Christmas!

Fertilise Your Christmas has your Christmas totes covered.  Not only does it give you tips to survive the silly season as well as tremendous gift ideas BUT your WHOLE Christmas day menu (yup from Breaky right through to Dinner), Fertilise Yourself Style!

Fertilise Your Christmas will be on sale this Friday via the site for $4.99 and seriously – I'm pretty chuffed.  I LOVE the menu I've created because you won't just use these recipes for Christmas but adapt to use all year round.


In anticipation of her release, I'm announcing 5 days of giveaways!  We kick of today – here's the list of goodies you can be very easily in the running to score.


Day 1 (Monday) – 1 of 5 copies of Eat Fat, Be Thin (outside Australia residents can enter and win the ebook version)

Day 2 (Tuesday) - 2 tickets to my Debunking Ovulation event tomorrow night (valued at $65 each) OR an initial skype consult (winner can choose) 

Day 3 (Wednesday) – 1 of 15 (YES!!) copies of Fertilise Yourself (anybody can enter)

Day 4 (Thursday) - 1 of 5 tubes of Soma Bites! (open to Australia only)

Day 5 (Friday) – 1 of 10 copies of Fertilise Your Christmas to be won! (anybody can enter)


To be in the running for todays giveaway simply share this post on Facebook and type in the comment section below 'shared!'  TOTALLY EASY!  Check back in tomorrow for your instructions to be in the running for tomorrow's top notch prize.

I just can't wait to reveal all Friday!  Keep your eyes peeled and your ears open – I've just taken the stress out of your Christmas! (how very fertile of me)  Best I get back to giving back Santa his pants!


May I introduce to you – the lovely Amy Crawford from The Holistic Ingredient.  Amy is a huge inspiration for all things food.  She has a new book (grab those details below for your chance to win) and she is one serious resource when it comes to delicious, nutritious recipes and helping people to get their health back on track.  Amy was forced to turn her life around after being hit a rare illness.  Check out her site and find out more about her and you'll come to love her as much as I do!  Today she's sharing with us her Walnut Brownie Breakfast Mousse.  Y to the UM!

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Sharon Chung, founder of Notox Box, started her website as a positive space for people to discover the best of healthy living.  Having struggled with food intolerances and chemical reactions, Sharon took many years to build her knowledge and replace her products. Along the way, she found so many people wanting to choose healthy better products, but they didn’t know where to start, or didn’t have the time to read labels and sort through all the different products out there.  Sharon set out to make it easy to discover the best healthy & eco products around, all in the one place.



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Happy Birthday to US!


Can you believe it!  Fertilise Yourself (my e-book) turns one today!  How exciting that my first baby is one.  And to celebrate we've got annoucements and giveaways and a whole lot of love to share with you all!

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So I was scratching my head thinking what can I share with you to make your mum for mothers day and all of a sudden it was like I was smacked in the face with a jar of coconut butter.  This is, hands down, the best cake around – our Orange and Chia seed cake from my co written book Eat Fat, Be Thin!  Make your mum this cake, buy her a copy and… you're sorted!

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The Mother of all Mother’s Day giveaways!

This is my mum, my sister and our girls.  

Love your mum?  ME TOO!  We love your mum (because she's totally deserving) so much, we've got the mother of all mothers day giveaways to share with you.  We want to share the love, get you involved at helping us spread the wellness word and for helping me, that special Mum in your life could score this bundle of goodies!  It doesn't necessarily have to be your mum either – just somebody you love like a mother that you think deserves good things!

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time to WIN a swag of healthy gear


I'm all for encouraging people to take charge of their health – to be in the driving seat and, to listen and decode what your body is telling you.  Intuitive wellness is part of my crusade!  But sometimes it's hard being healthy.  It can be difficult to know where to get your wellness goodies from, so I thought I'd not only make it that bit easier for you but give you the opportunity to win* a swag of goodies from my favourite online stores!  How's that for winning!

Come see what I got!


I love this concept.  Raw + Pure open their store seasonally for you to purchase a 'collection' for $59.  It contains 4-5 organic and non toxic products (body, skin, hair, lifestyle and home products) valued well over $59.  They've given us one of their autumn packs to giveaway – so best get busy with the task at hand to win… for details, just keep reading.

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Fertilise ‘me’ up and WIN!

Got a copy of Fertilise Yourself?  Go you good thing you!  So, here's what I am absolutely BUSTING to see.  I want to see what you've been creating from the fertilise yourself recipe section.  I'm calling it the Fertilise Yourself cook off!

Cass who shared with us on Monday (check it here) has kindly given us a wellness pamper pack to give to our lucky winner.

All you have to do is show me your recipe, post it to my Facebook page (you could like it whilst you are there) or Instagram it with the hash tag #fertiliseyourself (I'm nattykringoudis on there) and explain to me which recipe you've created and what 'fertilising yourself' has meant to you.

You have 1 week to get busy in the kitchen.  We'll announce winners on Wednesday 6th of February.  So get your bake on, get fertile and get sharing!




The prize pack includes:

Choose life, live it, do it Toxic free Summer pedicure pack valued at $60 will include; 
1 x Bodecare Pumice Spa bra (value $14.90)
1 x Bodecare traditional double sided nail brush (value $9.90)
1 x loving earth coconut oil (value $12.90)
1 x PRITI NYC 3-FREE NAIL POLISH in Park Princess Dahlia - Bright pink with pearly finish (Value $17.95)
1 x 10 gram Healing concepts sleepy Time tea