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My MASSIVE Christmas Giveaway!

It a very merry christmas indeed! After a year of feeling the absolutely love from each and every one of my readers, followers, friends and family, I want to give it all back and then some! This year I have put together the mother of all christmas giveaways, i've got your healthy snacks, hydration, reading and skin care covered this christmas with nothing but the best!

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Merry Christmas xx

Giveaway open to Australian residents only.  Prize announced 16th of December!  

OH my Santa pants, I'm so excited about this beauty!  This Friday we release my new mini e-book, Fertilise Your Christmas!

Fertilise Your Christmas has your Christmas totes covered.  Not only does it give you tips to survive the silly season as well as tremendous gift ideas BUT your WHOLE Christmas day menu (yup from Breaky right through to Dinner), Fertilise Yourself Style!

Fertilise Your Christmas will be on sale this Friday via the site for $4.99 and seriously – I'm pretty chuffed.  I LOVE the menu I've created because you won't just use these recipes for Christmas but adapt to use all year round.


In anticipation of her release, I'm announcing 5 days of giveaways!  We kick of today – here's the list of goodies you can be very easily in the running to score.


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If you're not familiar with buckwheat, it's an ancient grain that has been around for a really long time (from 6000BC according to the package!).  Originally found in southeast Asia, it' chock block full of strong amino acids and nutritionally surpasses all other flours.  It has a nutty flavour that works really well when the flour is made into pancakes!  Best of all it actually not a grain but a seed meaning it is gluten free so everybody can enjoy it!

But for now, back to our Good Food Friday recipe: Buckwheat pancakes!  This is a recipe from my ebook Fertilise Yourself.

  • 180g of buckwheat flour
  • 3 eggs separated
  • 170ml of milk of your choice
  • a pinch of salt
  • 1 tsp of baking soda

Separate eggs, placing yolks into a larger bowl. Add flour, milk and baking soda to the yolks and stir until well combined, forming a smooth batter.

Add a pinch of salt to the egg whites and whisk until they form stiff peaks.

Using a spoon, fold egg whites into the batter to combine.

Heat a nob of butter in a fry pan and cook pancakes one at a time, turning when bubbles rise to the surface. Enjoy anyway you like them! 

How to become a natural fertility expert.

Ok – not because I want to blow my own horn but because people are asking – e v e r y d a y – just how did I become a natural fertility expert I thought it was a great opportunity to dedicate some time in to finding out a little more about how I arrived here.  Whether people want to know more for their own journey to fertility (just who's blog are you reading exactly!?) or to add more skill to their treatment scope, equally it seems you are all super keen to know a bit more.

People would once look at me like I had two heads when I'd say I was a Chinese Medicine Herbalist.  Most people had no clue what that involved and I'm pretty certain some thought I was a witch doctor that brewed herbs in my mushroom house in preparation to poison snow white.

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I had somebody write in a little while back and ask if I could share a little about recurrent miscarriage.  Tricky part is, from a Chinese Medicine (TCM) perspective there may be a swag full of reasons why this happens outside of known causes (ie genetic defects or structural irregularities).  TCM views people according to their constitution, including their signs and symptoms.  It doesn't put you into the box of 'recurrent miscarriage' so it makes sense that we need to look for clues as to what individual cases are presenting, to go on and create a successful treatment plan.  If we look at this from a western perspective, it may be from hormone insufficiency, hormone imbalance or excess hormones, a thin uterine lining, cysts, fibroids… it goes on.  But most specifically for me, looking at gut function is also key since the gut is the pivot of our health – if the gut isn't adequately assimilating food and drawing nutrients from our food, there is just no way our bodies can be nourished well – our hormones are affected (insert Fertilise Yourself).  That fertility switch once again get's the flick.

To add another level, environment, diet, lifestyle, medications (ie long term use of the pill) age and most of all semen quality can be added to the mix when it comes to miscarriage.  An embryo is made up of material from both the female and the male so it makes sense that if what is coming from the male isn't adequate, the embryo won't be either.  This must be considered when looking at miscarriage – in fact, this is the first thing I will look at in most instances.

Age is also factor here – although not in the sense that you may think.  Some 30 year olds look like they're pushing 50 just as some 50 year olds look young enough to be my baby sister.  So when we look at age, we really need to use logic – if you look and feel old, chances are your insides reflect this too.  We have long been of the belief that we women are born with all our 'eggs'.  We are now seeing research suggests otherwise.  I've long thought this idea was near impossible based on a few observations.  The main clue for me is around the AMH (Anti-Mullerian hormone) test which essentially measures the ovarian reserve.  I've discovered in my clinic that after just 3 months of treatment, this ovarian reserve figure increases – every time.  And yes, I've questioned fertility specialists about this and the common, very loose replies have indicated that the test must have been wrong in the first place.  I've had this happen to hundreds of women over the past 10 years.  What does this mean?  It means we can't be born with all eggs.  But back to age – age is only a factor if you do nothing.  If you consider environmental and lifestyle factors, you are already ahead of the game there my fellow ovarian owning friend.

Stress is also a huge contributor – and yes I do talk about stress a whole lot because it's well worth a mention mostly because it affects the body on so many levels and we don't seem to be getting the message here.  Stress isn't necessarily you up to your eyeballs in work meetings and deadlines.  It's low grade, happening in the background, possibly unconscious stress.  It may be baby making or financial or just life.  You might like to read about how it leads to hormone imbalance here.

The pill & IUD's (you might like more information here and here) are also big contributors – women who have been on the pill for over 8 years are said to be more susceptible to miscarriage.  This is mostly because the pill steals essential vitamins and minerals and stops the body from absorbing them.  When there isn't enough nourishment for your growing peanut, it simply can't survive.   As for IUD's – they thin the endometrial lining and over time, the body gets all kinds of punch drunk – not to mention the IUD lives imbedded into your endometrial lining.  Again – long term, the body simply gets confused and stops sending the right signals.  

There are so many bits and pieces that will contribute and even though the causative factors may differ when it comes to miscarriage, the tips and tricks to avoid it will be quite similar for most people.  Here are my top 3. 

1. Acupuncture.  My hands down favorite treatment to prevent miscarriage.  It helps the body cope with stress, it facilitates blood flow to the uterus and addresses any other irregularities that may present that are standing in the way.  Plus it's 30-45 minutes of relaxation – let's face it – there's no way you're going anywhere with 10 -20 acupuncture needles in your body!  My clinic specialises in such treatments.

2. Sex!  Similar to acupuncture, sex increases uterine blood flow and helps to nourish the lining of the womb.  This is key.  Your embryo relies on great nourishment in the implantation phase.  Sex also assists the uterus in contracting which helps with imbedding the embryo too.  What's more, it helps release specific hormones, given it is exercise which assists with moving cortisol out of your body and is all round fun and games when it is the baby making kind.  Plus – it's part of a healthy relationship.

3.  Herbal supplements – there are some specific supplements that will assist in preventing miscarriage too.  Speak to your herbal practitioner as they can guide you best.

In most cases – miscarriage can be explained.  It's finding somebody to look hard enough and having the tools to move toward a solution that is key.  

Happy Birthday to US!


Can you believe it!  Fertilise Yourself (my e-book) turns one today!  How exciting that my first baby is one.  And to celebrate we've got annoucements and giveaways and a whole lot of love to share with you all!

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Fertility e-book bundle is here!

Get ALL the latest information about every which way you can look at fertility (and general health too) right here as part of the wonderful e-book bundle Donielle from Naturally Knocked Up has put together.  It's a one week only sale where you can literally save hundreds of dollars and get your hands on 29 ebooks, giveaways ($900 worth) and 7 meal plans plus bonus material – HELLO!  The offer is worth well over $450 – but for one week, the bundle is $34.95.  That's crazy but GREAT news for you.

To find out more click here and take advantage of this amazing package.

And you'll see Fertilise Yourself is at the top of her list!  I'm pretty chuffed.

Happy New YOU

image here


I'm not so much into new years resolutions, mostly because they're forgotten about 3 days into the new year.  But I had to come up with a few suggestions for the Herald Sun (featured yesterday – pg 26 if you really wanted to know) as to what they might look like.  I prefer to think of it as to how you could better-fy your life, your health, your BEING, then why not?

So here are 5 tips to rev you into 2013.  Perhaps you might like to choose just one and make a goal (rather than a resolution).  


Tip #1

Grab your daily dose of Vitamin D.

Now I'm all about healthy sun exposure – less is more but nevertheless essential for wellness.  And getting your daily fill of Vitamin D will see your health soaring into 2013.  Just 10-15 minutes every other day is adequate – Vitamin D is essential for wellness, it boosts mood, regulates your hormones and keeps you body firing on all cylinders.  It's a must for all round wellness and especially fertility.

Tip #2


Clear the decks and simplify your life.  That may mean creating a simple morning routine (lemon water upon rising or not checking emails before 9am) or to clean up your loose ends and create 5 simple things you'd like to achieve this year.  By being clear and simple, it is measured and more likely to be achieved.

Tip #3

Fix 9/10 health issues by simply getting your gut happy.

Your gut function forms 90% of your health and therefore wellness lies within its ability to regulate immunity, digest food and make it ripe for the body to use.  Did you know it can take up to 16 months to recover from antibiotics?  This means introducing probiotics and fueling for maximum gut health to restore its function and put back the good bacteria.  Make it your new years resolution to get your gut sorted and reap the benefits!  Oh and if you're not sure where to start – check out these podcasts here and here I shared with you a few months back.

Tip #4

Get back to nature

Whole foods are complete, because – they're complete!  Man got really smart and thought he'd muck around with food.  Turns out – we aren't quite so clever and the long term results of this have been disastrous.  So – get back to nature.  Always incorporate whole foods, avoid low fat, not fat, no fat, fat free or phat phat – avoid it at all costs.  More than likely it's full of sugar which is going to make you so much fatter than fat.  Same goes for any forms of modified foods (think genetically modified) and man made foods like margarine which are carcinogenic.

Tip #5

Share the love

You know, infertility is more than likely affecting somebody you know.  Chances are – you're not even aware.  And what's more, we've gotten so wrapped up in 'babies later' we avoid protecting our fertility from the get go.  This is why, I wrote fertilise yourself and until tomorrow I have taken 30% off my e-book.  I want all women, the chance for overall wellness which extends to their reproductive organs.  This includes those with Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome or Endometriosis or other reproductive and fertility issues.  Remember my motto – just when you think your body is failing you stop – it's simply speaking to you.  So share the love and tell every woman you know – because you may just change somebodies life.

Happy New Year to you.  Thank you for always taking the time to drop by, for sharing and helping me spread the fertile word.  I need you!  You've been so fab this year, so stay onboard and let's jump into 2013 together!


Low Carb Down Under – my presentation


I've saved this up for the holidays – since I'm on holidays too! I hope your christmas was fabulous.

Here's the footage from the Low Carb Downunder event held in Melbourne last month.  My fertility tips are included.  So take a look!