Can you ovulate whilst on the pill?

My heart hurts at the amount of stuff we just don't know about ourselves as women. I believe with all my being that every woman has the right to know as much as she can about herself and how her body works.  Unfortunately the main reason we have disconnected from ourselves and we don't know how to read our signs and symptoms is because of the pill.  After all, it's designed to take everything 'offline', meaning that you don't experience the ebbs and flows of the menstrual cycle, your hormones aren't communicating with you like they are designed to do and really, we are left with little idea to what is actually going on in there.
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Such Different Eats2
Holy yum balls!  Will you take a look at this beauty!  The ever beautiful Tara Bliss brings us this slice of heaven today for Good Food Friday.  Tara is no stranger to my site, we love her!  

Tara and I are beating the same drum when it comes to food and wellness.  She recognises as we move into the cooler months that our foods adjust to support what our bodies require throughout the change in seasons.  We are after all, a product of our environment and so with this in mind, we need to remember the tweaks we can adopt to our diet and lifestyle that support our systems.  This recipe is perfect for Autumn, incorporating warm cooked fruits and ingredients that our bodies love to digest.  For those of us with weaker digestive systems, you might like to adopt the warm, cooked food approach for the most part.  In any case, here's one to add to your weekend meal plan!

I caught up with my gal pal Sammy Gowing a week or so back to see what she's been up to, get the goss on her new project – Whole Happiness and to have a pow wow about what fertility means to those that aren't wanting babies.  It's a beauty!  

Want to learn more about Sam or connect with her? Check out her upcoming Melbourne event (which I'm speaking at along side her!)


Lead Me To Success
A leadership forum for entrepreneurial women
Tuesday April 1st 6.30pm-9.30pm
Beach Hotel, Albert Park $97

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I'll keep this one super short.

Want to join Samantha Gowing and I in Melbourne next tuesday for an exclusive event delivering the key to taking your business to the next level? Of course you do!

Lead me to Success is just sleeps away!

Together Sam and I will bridge the very diverse gap between sustainable business ethics, politics, self empowerment, leadership, wellness AND happiness (yup – all this and more) in the way that only we know how – with excitement and laughter!

I've got a ticket to giveaway!  Simply tell me in the comment section below in 25 words or less why you should be there and you'll go in the running to join in on all the action.

Tickets can be purchased via Sam here.

For all the event details and specifics you can take a peep here.

Tuesday April 1st (it's not joke!) 6:30 – 9:30pm.
$97.  Seats are limited.
Beach Hotel.  Albert Park.

Be there or be square!

Need to know more about Sam?  Stay tuned, she's my wellness sister on the site tomorrow and she's got some VERY cool stuff to share.

What to do when overwhelmed with a deadline.

I've not been shy about the fact that I lost my mojo somewhere over the pacific on my way to Hawaii.  I came back totes chilled out, found a little bit of my 'groove' again (sigh of relief!) and then off she went again as if teasing me – knowing that deadlines were lurking and it wasn't doing much for my cortisol levels (hello stress).  You see, I finally signed a book contract – oh so exciting but the reality has set in.  I need to get my write on and STAT.
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Good Food Friday – Zucchini Sproodle Salad


Today is the last day of our March Gentle Body Cleanse.  The feedback I get from my cleanses is phenomenal and if you are feeling the love today, I'd love to hear from you in the comment section below – how are you feeling and how much did you enjoy (or not) cleansing.  So to wrap things up, here's a winner that the cleansers enjoyed as part of their extra menu this week.  It's the perfect accompaniment to a salmon fillet or alongside a baked sweet potato. Whatever way you like it, be sure you enjoy it!

2 Zucchini sproodled or thinly sliced/shaved with a peeler
1 red capsicum
1 handful of snow pea sprouts
1 nashi pear thinly sliced
OPTIONAL – several pieces of fetta to scatter
Sprinkle of chia
1 handful of each pepitas and macadamia nuts
A good splash of oil, salt and pepper to season

Combine ingredients, mix well and serve!


Given that we have just launched our national Debunking PCOS tour, I thought this post was pretty darn fitting.  As you will learn today, any stress placed on the body, be it physical or emotional, really plays havoc with hormone health and especially those with PCOS (after all, as we're learning in the Debunking PCOS workshops, PCOS when you strip it right back is simply hormone imbalance).  Personal Trainer, Rachelle Bayley understand how important it is to recognise that we are all unique and we all require a different regime if we want our bodies firing on all cylinders.  So over to her today to discuss how to best exercise for happy hormones.

In the Personal Training world, hormonal health is largely overlooked when it comes to weight loss and the ultimate journey to health. Unfortunately the first time hormonal health becomes a priority is when things go wrong and hormones start playing up and getting in the way of the results we are working so hard for. I used to be guilty of this. I put my hand up here and say that after all of the research I did day in and day out on nutrition, exercise and weight loss in general, hormonal health was something that I knew very little about and a topic that I often avoided with my clients.

Well, didn’t that backfire! Last year I found out that I had Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). This rocked me like you wouldn’t believe. I had always been in great shape, my body, my mind and my health were always what I would have considered ‘immaculate’. All of a sudden things were changing and seemed to be out of my control (not something I was used to).
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Oh my golly gosh wow wee wetting my pants we have launched!  This weekend saw the launch of my new national tour – Debunking PCOS.  

We had a blast!  Next stop is Sydney!  ALL the event details and times you can check out here.  There's still an handful of Sydney tickets and then we're onto Brisbane where tickets are selling fast too.  Run, don't walk people!

I'm also super excited to share that pre-sale has gone live and should you wish to be one of the first when the download goes live (sometime in April) you can make sure you don't miss out by purchasing at

Anyway – here's a few happy snaps from the weekend.  Thank you to all of those who attended.  For those who can't make it, I'm sure the news of the download will be very welcome!
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small hummingbird cake
Oh my little loins will you look at what's being served up today?!  If anybody wants to make this recipe for me and drop it in, feel free.  I have to say Hummingbird cake is my all time favourite.  With recipes this good – nobody is missing out!  Today's recipe is thanks to the beautiful Nicole Beardsley from the Happy Parent Project.  I know Nicole well – she is a delight and an asset to the wellness industry.  Keep reading to find out all about this gorgeous girl and all she has to offer PLUS how to score yourself a copy of her book 'Sugar Free Baking,' because who doesn't want a slice of THAT?

Hummingbird Cake

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Whowsers!  What a weekend.  It's been a busy few days for this little duck but I'm so excited to remind you of my Gentle Body Cleanse which starts Monday!

Before I dive into that – did you see all the fun I got up to on the weekend?  I spent the majority at the FitX event here in Melbourne.  I was also lucky enough to speak at the Feed Your Soul event here in Melbourne alongside the two beauties – Ashy Bines and Nicole Joy.  I had a blast.  But oh so tired now!

Which is why I'm so looking forward to this round of cleansing – my body is screaming for some lovin' and I'm so in need of a good clean and some attention – I do hope you are joining in the fun.  You might remember I wrote a post a few weeks back as to why cleansing will help to sort out your hormones and get your body firing along.  Cleansing is the key to happy hormones and hormone balance.  If you missed that – check this out.

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