What to do when overwhelmed with a deadline.

I've not been shy about the fact that I lost my mojo somewhere over the pacific on my way to Hawaii.  I came back totes chilled out, found a little bit of my 'groove' again (sigh of relief!) and then off she went again as if teasing me – knowing that deadlines were lurking and it wasn't doing much for my cortisol levels (hello stress).  You see, I finally signed a book contract – oh so exciting but the reality has set in.  I need to get my write on and STAT.
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3 things you maybe never knew about PCOS

With my Debunking Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome tour set to start in just a few short weeks, I've been digging into my bag of tricks to really be able to offer women some juicy solutions.  In preparation for live events, I've had a lot of time to realise, that like every health condition, there's so much more than meets the eye.  

And of course, to think that there is only ever one way to treat anything is plain ludicrous.  

I mean genetically we are all different, then we throw into the mix things such as environment, diet, lifestyle, upbringing, and emotional wellness – there's a lot to know.  But here's the thing, I don't want it to be confusing or overwhelming or confronting.  I don't want your health and wellness to be in the too hard basket – heck, it needs to be on the top of the checklist!  

When we look at things front on, we run the risk of areas being shadowed.  I'm so excited to be able to shine the spotlight on PCOS from above and reveal it all – no room for shadows.  I want to debunk it good and proper and allow each individual to understand her own situation better.  Because no two bodies are exactly the same – not even for identical twins!

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Five easy ways to shift unwanted weight

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Put body image aside for just a tick if you will.  Let's look at the health side of weight.  Being overweight isn't just uncomfortable; it's a sign that something isn't working as well as it could be, no matter what the situation.  It's important that we move away from looking at weight as an 'ideal' and start looking at what that means for you as an individual.  Consider at the health implications, the hormone imbalance and the strain on the body.  Forget setting unrealistic and unhealthy goals, your ideal weight isn't necessarily going to be the same as your healthy weight.  With this in mind, I want to share the 5 easy suggestions I offer to my patients to help shift or maintain healthy weight.

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I love you to bits but stop freaking out already!


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"Because we are all unique individuals.  We all need to remember that what works for one may not work for the next."

Today is my first day back after 3 weeks away and far out brussels sprout, I've got some work to do.  I've been sitting here wading, sifting, almost sinking through the mountain that is my inbox.  I have to say, I'd love to run back to Hawaii and switch off all the mind chatter that comes with answering emails.  I seem to swing from sadness, to motivation, then to mere frustration (frustration by how misleading some health advice can be) as I read the queries and pleas for help that flow in.  I want you to know one thing before I go on – each and every email, be it praise, requests or the 'your my last resort,' or you need to shut up kind, all have the same effect on me.  I'm motivated.  Women need to know my message.  Women need to understand their bodies better.  Women must start to take charge of their own health – for the future generations to come.  And all this starts with education.  And for me, that's exactly what 2014 is all about.

I have to say this much.  Please – don't freak out.

I know sometime easier said than done, but the general theme of the vast majority of emails I receive are 'freak out' pleas for help.  Women 'running' out of time, being put under pressure be it to go on the pill or for IVF, being told they are infertile, never going to get pregnant, can't heal Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome, that Endometriosis not only can't be fixed but makes you infertile and that that the only way you can treat these conditions is via the pill.  Oh and then there's this one – that it's time for IVF because you've been told your over 30 (like 30.5) and your time is running out.  Ok sorry to be cheeky (you know what I mean), but did I hear on the radio last week, that apparently IVF is not only being overused but being used when it isn't necessary?  Indeed I did – and please know that I'm not opposed to IVF.  I am however, totally opposed to it's overuse, hands down.  Bollocks to all that.  The urgency only creates STRESS.  And stress creates hormone imbalance – the very root of the initial problem!  Without doubt, the absolute worst thing we can do is go into the state of panic.  It doesn't serve us.  

It's time to chill for a sec.

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Why Jane Harber loves Debunking Ovulation


I'm pretty pumped to bring you this interview – I've made a new friend who is mad for my Debunking Ovulation download!   Recently I had the opportunity to share Debunking Ovulation with Jane Harber, actress and all round lovely woman.  Many people know Jane by her character Zara in the best TV series of ALL time (well as far as I'm concerned), Offspring.  I'm not sure if I love the show so much because it's about babies, hormones and everyday issues or because some of the characters are extraordinarily kind to the eye (hello Patrick!).  In any case, I've been known to live from Wednesday to Wednesday in anticipation.  Jane has also recently been extremely busy shooting the follow on series of Moody Christmas, the new INXS tele-movie for Network 7 (CAN'T WAIT!!) and the 5th season of Offspring.

Jane's been keeping up to speed with healthtalks, what I've been sharing and Debunking Ovulation and invited the chance to help us spread the message because she wholeheartedly believes that women need to know this stuff!  So I took the opportunity to ask her more specifically a little about why she loved the e-course so much and a little bit more about herself as a woman.  

Here's what she had to say.

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It may as well have been the night before Christmas last night.  I haven't slept a wink because today we reveal my new Christmas themed ebook Fertilise Your Christmas!!  Super exciting!  

Take a peek inside.  She's a beauty.

Wanna know what's inside exactly?

Your full Christmas day menu from breakfast right through to dinner plus treats and drinks.

Food themed Christmas gift ideas

Tips to help you survive this Christmas and thrive!


My manager slapped me when I told her this ebook was just $4.99, mostly because she said it's worth much more.  But, it's Christmas and I love giving.  You can get your copy now, buy it for your KK present or gift it to a loved one.  My intention is to make yours and your friends and families Christmas stress free AND delicious!

Oh and to help kick this baby off don't forget to be in the running to win one of 10 copies, simply share this on Facebook today to be in with a rockin' chance!  Be sure to write 'shared' in the comment section below once you've done so.

Happy Christmas!


Want to become an affiliate?  I'm offering an affiliate commission of 50% on this limited edition ebook.  

It's all done via ejunkie – set yourself up an affiliate account and you'll be on your way to not only sharing the love but getting a little back for your efforts too!


Here's a reminder of how to get through it all:

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This weekend I had the pleasure to visit the beautiful city of Perth!  Oh my, two words.  In LOVE!  I had never been and I honestly I didn't want to leave!  The women of Perth totally immersed themselves into the time we had together.  It seems, I could have spoken to them all day and they would have kept listening.

My inbox indicates that some of you have missed the live events in Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, and now Perth which is why I created the Debunking Ovulation Download that was released last week.

In case you're not sure of what all the fuss is about OR perhaps you're just not sure if it is for you – here's my promo clip.  When I say this information is valuable for ALL woman, I truly mean it.  We not only cover ovulation, we talk about contraception, conception, natural fertility methods, poly cysitic ovarian syndrome, cervical cancer and abnormal pap smears, gut health and SO much more.

I invite you today to do 2 quick things.  

1.  Watch the clip.  It will take you all of 3 minutes and most likely you'll learn something you didn't know.

2. Share this post – you'll automatically go in the running for the giveaway to SCORE a free download.  I'm giving away 3 – they're valued at $47.

(you'll have to tell me you've shared it please in the comment section below)


From the bottom of my heart – I know you'll change somebodies life just from helping me spread this message!

To head directly to the Debunking Ovulation page, click here.


This coming weekend I'm off to share the word with Tasmania.  Perhaps you know somebody there that may like to join me?  Not to be a nag – there's still tickets available and so again – send them here and change their lives too.

One last thing.  My co-ordinator and I had plenty of time to chat on the long-ish flight over (which actually went really quickly!) and we want you to stay tuned.  My team and I have something exciting we will be revealing in the next few weeks about next years tour dates!  We'll be covering something entirely new and equally as important – changing the way women see their health and taking the fear factor out of fertility because of course, fertility isn't just about the babies!

The winners will be announced this Friday 8th of November – you've got 4 days to get your place in the draw!

Getting my de-clutter on!

Last week was a huge week! Between packing and moving and unpacking, I've had plenty of time 'in my head,'  plenty of mind chatter (turn it off!) and plenty of time to just be in my thoughts (a real rarity to be honest!).  It's been a de-cluttering of all varieties and that feeling of clearing and cleansing is second to none.  I feel light and bright and ready for the next chapter of our lives in a new home and new Melbourne location.

We've downsized our home to half the size of our previous family home.  We've sold or given away half our clothes, half our furniture and kitchen utensils to ensure we fit.  And we fit!  In doing so, I realised just how much we accumulate for no reason what so ever.  No, I didn't need two fridges nor did we really need four couches or a 'good' and a 'everyday' dinner set.  What was I saving it for? 

Over the last few months we've lived less in the minute and more in the future.  It's been 'once we move' for what feels like eternity.  The biggest problem with doing this is not living in the present moment.  Sure it's important to have goals and to always be looking forward, but suspending ourselves in these 'soon it will be alright' thought patterns can infiltrate our beings and lead to bigger problems – never living for now and always for when it gets 'better.'  Not realising we need to seize the moment and make it as good as it can be.  And whilst the consequences of moving house come with far less complications, this process has allowed me to remember how we apply this to our health and wellness.

Time and time again, women tell me in a clinic situation they hate their job – but if they just fell pregnant, they could leave.  The reality is, until they quit their job (which is making them obviously unhappy or too stressed), it is likely that they simply won't fall pregnant.  They're doing exactly what I was doing – not living in the moment but living for when things get better.  And of course, waiting for somebody else to make things right is never going to happen either.  We are to create our own reality – we are the master controller!  Whether we choose to see it or not, our thoughts create and contribute to our health, our wellness, our job circumstances, our happiness….  This extends right through to gynaecological issues like PCOS or Endometriosis or thyroid troubles, period pain, PMS (I could go on and on) – these are all affected and made worse by stress and living a cluttered life.  Oh and a great way to kick this off is cleansing – some of you are cleansing with me in the coming weeks (can't wait!).  It's equally cathartic and gives your body a good rev up and 'ship out!'  (for those who missed out – stay tuned, it seems I'm going to HAVE to do another one very soon).

So not only is this a little note to self, but a note to you too – do what makes you happy.  Not just because it feels darn good but because it's equally important for your health and fertility.  Your job is a big part of your day.  If it's making you unhappy, it's placing stress and pressure on your body that it most likely can't cope with long term.  And this same stress and pressure is the stuff that affects your body function – it's a vicious cycle.  Maybe it isn't work, maybe it's a relationship that needs some mending or perhaps moving on from – same deal there too.  De-cluttering isn't always a nice process, but the long term benefit outweighs the initial pain.  Do what makes you happy today and I guarantee your health and fertility will be equally as chuffed.

I'd love to hear your thoughts and experience on what you did to get happy and healthy – chances are somebody else will feel encouraged to do the same.  Happy Monday!

Image here.

Is your sugar addiction making your reproductive organs unhappy?  One of the biggest fertility fizzers in our modern diet is sugar, mostly because it sends our hormones all kinds of frazzled.  Just like the big dipper at the famous Luna Park, your hormones are forced to ride the highs and lows – the aftermath leaving our bodies knackered.  And let me just settle a few things before we get into it – fertility isn’t just about babies.  It’s about your reproductive system being awesome.  Equally important to understand is that we're talking fructose.  Fructose is found in refined sugars and many fruits, sauces, dips, processed foods – pretty much in every corner of our modern diet.  But there are alternatives – and for more info on this I suggest you make your way over to Sarah Wilson's I Quit Sugar site where it's all sitting pretty waiting for you.

There is a host of issues sugar may cause but there are several specific ways that it affects fertility.  Here’s what’s at the top of my list:

Sugar disrupts your hormones:

Hormones are the drivers of all our body functions, but the intricacy of our sex hormones is my primary concern as a natural fertility expert.  Sugar consumption will drive our insulin too high, too quickly and only momentarily.  This quick peak creates a high and then we drop faster than a hot pie, leaving far more mess.  This is what’s know as the fight or flight response – the response of extended stimulation to the adrenal glands.  When our sugar levels drop, our adrenals release both cortisol and adrenalin to attempt to replenish sugar levels.  Eventually, this can lead to hormonal imbalance since progesterone (the main hormone required for ovulation to occur) and cortisol compete for the same receptor binding sites in the body AND cortisol is the bossy hormone – it will always win over progesterone.  Should this continue for a period of time, the entire endocrine system is upset and will lead to disruption of all sex hormones; oestrogen, progesterone, the androgens DHEA and testosterone for both sexes.

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Here's something every women must watch.  And don't let the title put you off – even if you're light years off menopause – this is quite frankly, one of the most important things you'll ever hear with regards to your health as a woman and a human.  Because hopefully I'm not attracting martians or elephants to my site – but even then, they could learn from this too I guess.

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