Frequently, hearing somebodies wellness journey gives me goosebumps.  Amanda's was one of those.  She asked if she could share her story, and of course I knew long before she asked that her own trials and tribulations would resonate with others in the same position.  So today, Amanda tells of her fertility struggles, the path she is now on; to inspire you on a new level.  Coming together as a community I believe is one of the necessary steps to wellness.  Thanks Amanda for sharing this today.

Just over a year ago I was told by a fertility specialist that I was infertile and he believed the only way I could get pregnant was through IVF. This news wasn't exactly 'shocking' as I always had a feeling that the complication from surgeries years before may have an effect on my ability to conceive and after a year of trying without success, I was starting to wonder.

However, in the deepest place in my heart I knew that his cut and dry point of view and even 'professional' opinion may not be true. I'm not being naive by any means, but I also believe in the power of the body to heal itself with proper nutrition and holistic attention. And also, considering the slew of tests my husband and I had done to show that my tubes were open, I had eggs, spermies were strong swimmers (and moving in the right direction), I felt he was jumping the gun just a tad bit, maybe even trying a little too hard to sell us a $15,000 dollar procedure.
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Debunking Ovulation… MELBOURNE.


I can't event believe I'm releasing this.  I thought the download would satisfy your need for this life changing information but as sure as the sun shines, you are all equally loving the live events (I must smell good?)

So… back by VERY popular demand, the last two EVER Debunking Ovulation Melbourne events.

We've released two dates and times:

November 27th – 6:30 – 8:30pm

December 7th – 10am – 12pm.

Tickets are super limited – just 30 at each event, so get in quick or get the download!

Don't say I don't love you.

Dinner with Me! Come join in the fun.


Here's something that doesn't happen everyday.  I'm wondering if you'd like to come and join me for dinner!  Paleo in Melbourne and Nourish Melbourne have come together to host this unique event – dinner at The Deck here in Melbourne, where you can come along and hear me talk about fertility and food, women's health and wellness.  Of course it goes without saying, fertility isn't just about the babies – this event is for everybody

When: Thursday 14th November.

Where: The Deck, 212 Bay St Brighton.

You can purchase your ticket is here and find out all the extra info.  Make sure you follow the instructions.

I'd absolutely love to see you there – sit, have a meal and chat about all things fertility!

This weekend I had the pleasure to visit the beautiful city of Perth!  Oh my, two words.  In LOVE!  I had never been and I honestly I didn't want to leave!  The women of Perth totally immersed themselves into the time we had together.  It seems, I could have spoken to them all day and they would have kept listening.

My inbox indicates that some of you have missed the live events in Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, and now Perth which is why I created the Debunking Ovulation Download that was released last week.

In case you're not sure of what all the fuss is about OR perhaps you're just not sure if it is for you – here's my promo clip.  When I say this information is valuable for ALL woman, I truly mean it.  We not only cover ovulation, we talk about contraception, conception, natural fertility methods, poly cysitic ovarian syndrome, cervical cancer and abnormal pap smears, gut health and SO much more.

I invite you today to do 2 quick things.  

1.  Watch the clip.  It will take you all of 3 minutes and most likely you'll learn something you didn't know.

2. Share this post – you'll automatically go in the running for the giveaway to SCORE a free download.  I'm giving away 3 – they're valued at $47.

(you'll have to tell me you've shared it please in the comment section below)


From the bottom of my heart – I know you'll change somebodies life just from helping me spread this message!

To head directly to the Debunking Ovulation page, click here.


This coming weekend I'm off to share the word with Tasmania.  Perhaps you know somebody there that may like to join me?  Not to be a nag – there's still tickets available and so again – send them here and change their lives too.

One last thing.  My co-ordinator and I had plenty of time to chat on the long-ish flight over (which actually went really quickly!) and we want you to stay tuned.  My team and I have something exciting we will be revealing in the next few weeks about next years tour dates!  We'll be covering something entirely new and equally as important – changing the way women see their health and taking the fear factor out of fertility because of course, fertility isn't just about the babies!

The winners will be announced this Friday 8th of November – you've got 4 days to get your place in the draw!


I was delighted to be asked to be part of this years Joyfully Pregnant Summit.  It's a one stop wellness week from some of the worlds leading natural fertility experts right on your own home!  15 speakers all extremely passionate and knowledgeable sharing their take on fertility, wellness and health.  It's free to join and all set to happen live from October 21st – 25th.  

I'm thrilled to be one of the first cabs off the rank and featured on day one of the summit.  

Over the course of a info filled week, you'll be able to be part of 15 presentations by the experts (me included!) plus live daily Q & A sessions with each of us.

I'm alongside the likes of my gal pal and one of the co hosts on The Period Party, Nicole Jardim, as well as the other pro's including Dr Fiona McCullogh, ND from Canada talking thyroid issues and Dr. Dan Kalish, DC from the US who will be talking about hormone testing plus heaps more!  I know you're going to want to sign up, if your trying for a baby, if you're wanting to balance your hormones or simply want to find out more about how you can be a healthier version of yourself.  

You'll be taken through every step of the process, from learning more about your cycle, to getting the right lab tests, to finding the right support for your condition.  So do yourself a favour and sign up here!

This summit is one part pure love for you on your fertility path (remember, not just about babies) and one part hard core medical advice.  Don’t miss it! 

To join in on all the action, you must join the mailing list – you can - Sign up here.

This year you'll take a journey from the early stages of trying to get pregnant, to learning more about your body, to getting a clear diagnosis and understanding specific conditions, to treatment options.  This is winning!!

To learn more about this year’s fabulous line-up of speakers, click here.

And then, when the summit begins on Monday October 21 (PST – which is actually in Australia, mid afternoon on the 22nd) you'll receive daily links via email of the 3 presentations.  This continues right through until Oct 25th.  These presentations will be accessible for 24 hours.  And if you miss it – don't sweat it, they will be replayed on the 26th/27th for you, so you can decide if you would like to purchase the summit recording package.

It doesn't stop there – each day there will be live Q & A with each of the speakers which can be accessed through the radio show.

I'm really inspired by this live series of recordings – it's the perfect way to broaden your fertility knowledge and access experts you may of not otherwise been able to listen to.  Can't wait!  Will I see you there?


NEWS JUST IN…. just yesterday Your Tea launched their FERTILITY TEA designed by… me!  It's a special blend that will have your reproductive organs purring.  Find everything you need to know about it hereand watch this space, I'll be sure to share more on why it's so freaking good for your fertility (and remember, that doesn't necessarily mean babies – that's for PCOS, endometriosis, painful periods, PMS – the lot!

As the Ambassador of Your Tea, my expertise is called upon to help best explain why these teas work so darn well. You may have already read my blog post over on their site about the technical aspects of Tiny Teatox in a previous blog about the digestive system. If not, you can check that out here.  Today I wanted to share with you this post I wrote for them to unfold another layer and discuss just how Your Tea helps people with food intolerances and sensitivities but most of all – how we can better understand this to help us to move into a healthier, more fertile state.

Now that we understand how the gut works (as we’ve discussed in detail here) we need to open to another level in understanding the difference between food sensitivities, intolerances and then digestive illnesses like coeliacs.  If we’ve been unkind to our bodies by way of poor nutrition and careless lifestyle or we haven’t looked after ourselves following an illness or times of stress, it’s good to understand that these events weaken our digestive ability.  It’s a bit like a car.  If we don’t care for it well and refuel with regular petrol in a car that requires diesel – we can do serious damage.  Our digestive systems are much the same.  The food and drink we consume can either nourish and heal or hinder and harm.  So always bearing this in mind – we can start to nourish our bodies in such a way that they will benefit.

One sure way of knowing if your gut is sluggish is in the signs and symptoms it presents you with by way of craving, bloating, poor bowel movements, and weight gain.  These are all key indicators that not only is your body communicating with you but that your digestion is in trouble.  And by simply understanding these are signs and nothing more, we can start to listen to our bodies better and begin the healing process.  When our gut is compromised we see sensitivities arise because your gut can’t actually break down the food properly.  Sensitivities might look like gas and bloating or burping and heartburn.  Food intolerance is another level again.  It tells us that the gut is even more so in trouble.  You will know if you have intolerances as the symptoms are far greater – and may see you with symptoms like bowel troubles (like irritable bowel syndrome), allergies, skin troubles like eczema or overproduction of mucus as your body aims to rid itself quickly of the food that is causing the problem.  All symptoms tell me as a practitioner how to best treat the issue.

Once the gut is deficient, time and effort needs to be spent nursing it back to wellness.  Fortunately Tiny Teatox works in a way that rebalances and replenishes the digestive system – which is why those with existing digestive troubles report improvement in symptoms like bloating and poor bowel motions, clearer skin and a heightened sense of energy. Since the gut is the pivot of your health – it makes sense that when we improve digestive ability, every corner of our body benefits – from clarity to complete bowel motions.  All these things help us to feel fantastic.

Perhaps you’ve a more specific inherited diagnosis like coeliacs or severe allergies where the gut can’t properly break down foods like gluten or dairy which causes a variety of symptoms most commonly pain and diarrohea.  Whilst our Tiny Teatox won’t heal such diseases, it may help with the digestive process meaning that those in these situations may notice great improvement when consuming the gentle supportive properties in Tiny Teatox.  This is also because the ingredients in this blend completely support the gut – the teas aren’t a ‘clear out’ but quite the contrary, it’s all about replenishing!  Improving your gut function is the key.


I found THE ‘period fixer!’

Meet my beautiful likeminded friend Nicole Jardim – all the way from the US.  She is… wait for it – a professional 'period fixer-upperer' (love it) and the mastermind behind the program, fix your period.  How much do I love her!  She found herself in a situation, like millions of women do with horrible periods.  She went onto explore her options and get healthy and developed the healthy elements site.  I got to sit and have a quick chat to learn a little more about who she is and what she does.  Click on the podcast below and take a listen.

Today I'm asking for your help.  I need people to hear this message.  I need people to know the truth.  My heart longs for people to make educated decisions and not be bullied or tricked into avenues that may not suit them.  I ask you today, to share this post and from the bottom of my heart I thank you.  You're going to change somebodies life by doing so – you are living by the affirmation – 'be the change.'  Go be it.

Up to 60% your ability to conceive today, relies on your man having whipper snipper sperm.  That's a fair chunk of the puzzle when you consider most fertility treatments jump straight onto getting the lady parts happening with little thought for sperm quality.  Since coming back from maternity leave (it's nearing 1 year) I have seen one good semen analysis. ONE!  That frightens the pants off me… There's a lot of couples coming through my doors desperately seeking answers as to why they aren't falling pregnant.  Poor semen quality is such a rising trend, at times you'll find me in clinic making a b-line toward daddy – the truth is, his sperm need to be in tip top order for conception and beyond.

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I see patients from all walks of the fertility journey.  Some natural fertility, some assisted conception and some, that have truly been over the hill, to the moon, around the block and back again.  One thing I know is this; the fertility journey can be tough.  Really tough.  That's why I write here – to share some of that load, to educate and help others make well informed decisions.  I was connected with Candace and Chris from our mis-conception several weeks ago.  They write a fabulous blog and share about their journey – a very rough, tough and heartbreaking one thus far.  Take the time to look around their site – it may be exactly the support you are needing in your own journey – it's all about connecting.  Connecting with people who are in the same boat – grabbing the orr's and rowing together.  

I've wanted to touch on the physical and emotional strain of IVF for a long while – and whilst I see and share with hundreds of couples in this position, I myself have not personally experienced IVF.  So I asked Candace and Chris to share with us, from their perspective, how IVF has affected their lives.  I figure there is no better than those living it, to tell their story.  My main motivation for it is this – to help couples understand IVF isn't necessarily the easy route (although for some, the only route, granted).  In fact, it is far from simple and straightforward as you are about to see.  It makes for a very straining, painful and disconnected time.  I want you to remember, IVF isn't always a last resort either – I also see people who are told they will never have children, fall pregnant.  But, by some tiny miracle, they do.  Trust me, it happens.

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More of your fertility questions answered.

"I am wondering at what point you recommend going the medical intervention route (if at all)? We have been trying for 3.5 years.  The specialist ….. recommended trying natually as long as we wanted to, and then if we had no luck the next step would be clomid and IUI.  Do you have any advise about when to take that next step? I am 33."

I'm not at all opposed to assisted conception – in fact approximately 40% of the couples I see in the clinic come to us for support surrounding reproductive medicine, from clomid to IVF.  Sometimes, assisted conception is the best way moving forward.  Sometimes, especially in instances of couples who have been trying for a long period of time, it is whatever gets you to parenthood the quickest because as time goes by, emotional health begins to fade.  What we know is when we add acupuncture and herbal medicines to the mix, we see an increase in success by up to 70%.  This is mostly because the body is well cared for from top to toe – not just focusing the reproductive organs.  We know when the whole body is supported, we see great outcomes.  

As for a time frame to head toward medical assistance – it will differ for all couples.  In the clinic I apply a certain protocol.  Once I'm satisfied both partners have a certain level of wellness and fertility,  I allow six months, before we might begin to discuss further exploration.  One thing I have learnt is that the longer a couple is trying, the more disheartened they generally become, which does no favours for their fertility – because fertility isn't only a state of physical wellness, it also involves the emotions.

I am also wondering if there is anything you can recommend in terms of Chinese medicine for someone on a limited budget? I talked to a wonderful local practitioner about acupuncture for fertility and he said he would want to see me a few times a week for at least several weeks at a cost of $100 per session. The time commitment would be very difficult to manage, and while I don't doubt it would be worth every penny the several thousand dollar investment simply isn't an option for me right now.

My best advice is to find a practitioner that can work within your parameters.  Each practitioner's approach will differ, and this is because they do what they find works well in their practice.  For me, I like to see patients on average, twice a month, as well as the use of prescribed supplements.  I find this works really well for me and we achieve fantastic results using this protocol.  

Get to the bottom of what is happening for you.  Make sure you and your partner are in great shape, gear your lifestyle toward fertility (the new e-book out this week is your perfect go-to for this), have a semen analysis (I'm only ever too happy to look over one of these) and make sure your menstrual cycles are sound. Once you have ticked all these boxes, should things not be happening for you, it's time to look further and seek assistance.

In most instances, this is enough to provide a solid foundation for a happy and healthy pregnancy.