Debunking PCOS e-course is LIVE!


Oh my freaking fallopian tubes she's here!  My Debunking PCOS e-course package is LIVE BABY!  You've loved the live even so very much (or perhaps you couldn't make it?  There are absolutely still tickets available for Perth, Adelaide and Cairns), we had to create this because you asked for it!  With such an overwhelming response from our current national tour, now the information we have been bringing you to bust through and reveal the truths of PCOS can be absorbed from the comfort of your very own couch couch all around this big beautiful wide world!  Introducing Debunking PCOS e-course package!

Here's what you get;

+ 2 x 45 minute tutorials 

+ Downloadable copy of all the charts and info discussed during the tutorial

+ Unlimited access

+ A copy of Fertilise Yourself

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The Fertility Focus Telesummit.

How exciting – so much fertile info all in the one place!

I've got something super exciting to share with you… The Fertility Focus Telesummit 2014 with all the cool kids on the fertile block!


I'm pretty chuffed to be included in the Fertility Focus Telesummit's line up – spreading my stuff about ovulation.  What's more, my vision is that all women (and men) can be well informed and make decisions especially around their health and wellness based on educated choices.  This is your place and I'm right there alongside you!

Maybe you've been trying for a baby for some time, or maybe you're going through fertility tests or treatments – you’ll know as well as I do just how confusing and distressing the whole experience can be.  I want YOU to know how you can improve your chances of success, which is why I'm sharing this special event with you today.  

I’m delighted to share with you the Fertility Focus Telesummit 2014 – an amazing “virtual event” you can attend for free! (say what? Yes FREE)

The Telesummit will feature fertility experts from around the world sharing their knowledge and insights on a wide range of fertility subjects.  You can listen in to all the information-packed presentations online every day of the Telesummit for FREE, starting on 28th April (that's like 13 sleeps – how do I know?  It's my daughters birthday!). I feel pretty privileged to be alongside some of the hormone fixing greats!

Grab your free place (not even kidding) now to attend this exciting event, and get fully informed about what you can do to improve your chances of having a baby here.

Click here to read all about the Fertility Focus Telesummit 2014, including details of all the expert presentations all be sharing the virtual stage with, each covering a different aspect of fertility and all offering great advice, ideas and solutions to help you move further towards becoming a parent.

So, be sure to sign up here for your FREE place at this event by jumping on it right here.

See you there!  Nat x

Oh and before I leave you to your tuesday, maybe you know someone else who is struggling with fertility issues?  Please pass this email on to them, as they won’t want to miss out on this amazing event either!

Can you ovulate whilst on the pill?

My heart hurts at the amount of stuff we just don't know about ourselves as women. I believe with all my being that every woman has the right to know as much as she can about herself and how her body works.  Unfortunately the main reason we have disconnected from ourselves and we don't know how to read our signs and symptoms is because of the pill.  After all, it's designed to take everything 'offline', meaning that you don't experience the ebbs and flows of the menstrual cycle, your hormones aren't communicating with you like they are designed to do and really, we are left with little idea to what is actually going on in there.
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I caught up with my gal pal Sammy Gowing a week or so back to see what she's been up to, get the goss on her new project – Whole Happiness and to have a pow wow about what fertility means to those that aren't wanting babies.  It's a beauty!  

Want to learn more about Sam or connect with her? Check out her upcoming Melbourne event (which I'm speaking at along side her!)


Lead Me To Success
A leadership forum for entrepreneurial women
Tuesday April 1st 6.30pm-9.30pm
Beach Hotel, Albert Park $97

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Frequently, hearing somebodies wellness journey gives me goosebumps.  Amanda's was one of those.  She asked if she could share her story, and of course I knew long before she asked that her own trials and tribulations would resonate with others in the same position.  So today, Amanda tells of her fertility struggles, the path she is now on; to inspire you on a new level.  Coming together as a community I believe is one of the necessary steps to wellness.  Thanks Amanda for sharing this today.

Just over a year ago I was told by a fertility specialist that I was infertile and he believed the only way I could get pregnant was through IVF. This news wasn't exactly 'shocking' as I always had a feeling that the complication from surgeries years before may have an effect on my ability to conceive and after a year of trying without success, I was starting to wonder.

However, in the deepest place in my heart I knew that his cut and dry point of view and even 'professional' opinion may not be true. I'm not being naive by any means, but I also believe in the power of the body to heal itself with proper nutrition and holistic attention. And also, considering the slew of tests my husband and I had done to show that my tubes were open, I had eggs, spermies were strong swimmers (and moving in the right direction), I felt he was jumping the gun just a tad bit, maybe even trying a little too hard to sell us a $15,000 dollar procedure.
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THE 2 secrets to hormone balance.



You're forgiven for thinking I'm a hypocrite.  One minute I'm talking about why you can't stop eating meat and how in fact your hormones pretty much depend on it and then in the next breath I'm banging on about my almost vegan, Gentle Body Cleanse which finished on Friday (stay tuned for the next date coming soon).  I don't like being the source of your confusion – there are so many conflicting ideas before us, it's not any wonder you can't sleep at night because your mind is doing cartwheels trying to decide whether green juice is a good breakfast idea or should you be switching that for a pork chop.

Let's put an end to the confusion today.  It's high time things were made clearer and I helped you to understand things on the the next level when it comes to that complex but oh so beautiful body you have.  You see, in my experience for your body to be rocking gangnam style there are a couple of key players.  And then of course, you must come back and remember that we are all unique and sometimes a little trial and error thrown in is going to be that icing on the gluten free cake.  So let's break it down.

Your Liver is the bomb

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I love you to bits but stop freaking out already!


image from

"Because we are all unique individuals.  We all need to remember that what works for one may not work for the next."

Today is my first day back after 3 weeks away and far out brussels sprout, I've got some work to do.  I've been sitting here wading, sifting, almost sinking through the mountain that is my inbox.  I have to say, I'd love to run back to Hawaii and switch off all the mind chatter that comes with answering emails.  I seem to swing from sadness, to motivation, then to mere frustration (frustration by how misleading some health advice can be) as I read the queries and pleas for help that flow in.  I want you to know one thing before I go on – each and every email, be it praise, requests or the 'your my last resort,' or you need to shut up kind, all have the same effect on me.  I'm motivated.  Women need to know my message.  Women need to understand their bodies better.  Women must start to take charge of their own health – for the future generations to come.  And all this starts with education.  And for me, that's exactly what 2014 is all about.

I have to say this much.  Please – don't freak out.

I know sometime easier said than done, but the general theme of the vast majority of emails I receive are 'freak out' pleas for help.  Women 'running' out of time, being put under pressure be it to go on the pill or for IVF, being told they are infertile, never going to get pregnant, can't heal Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome, that Endometriosis not only can't be fixed but makes you infertile and that that the only way you can treat these conditions is via the pill.  Oh and then there's this one – that it's time for IVF because you've been told your over 30 (like 30.5) and your time is running out.  Ok sorry to be cheeky (you know what I mean), but did I hear on the radio last week, that apparently IVF is not only being overused but being used when it isn't necessary?  Indeed I did – and please know that I'm not opposed to IVF.  I am however, totally opposed to it's overuse, hands down.  Bollocks to all that.  The urgency only creates STRESS.  And stress creates hormone imbalance – the very root of the initial problem!  Without doubt, the absolute worst thing we can do is go into the state of panic.  It doesn't serve us.  

It's time to chill for a sec.

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Last week we announced my new national event tour and schedule – Debunking PCOS!  I can't WAIT to bring this to you in the coming months.  You can read all about that here.

Many of you have asked if there will be a download available just like last years national sellout event, Debunking Ovulation.  Why of course YES!  The Debunking PCOS 'ecourse' will be available not to long after we kick the tour off.  

This event is going to be a blast.  The presentation itself is going to be more visual and the information – we'll it seems we need to get this out there STAT.  Because who doesn't know somebody with PCOS? AND how many women are left feeling hopeless once diagnosed?  We're going to get to the bottom of it, together!

So today – I'm giving away 2 tickets in each city!!  All you need to do is share this post or image either via facebook or instagram (I'm NatKringoudis) to help me spread the word because Debunking PCOS is certainly something all women have the right to learn.  Oh and once you've shared it, because some security settings are tight, best you tell me in the comments section here, below.

I can't WAIT to see you there!!


Tour dates and locations:

Melbourne - Saturday 15th March 2014

Sydney (AM session) - Saturday 5th April 2014

Sydney (PM session) - Saturday 5th April 2014

Brisbane (AM session) - Saturday 12th April 2014

Brisbane (PM session) – Saturday 12th April 2014

Perth - Saturday 10th May 2014

Stay tuned for Adelaide, Hobart and possibly Canberra!  Oh and Byron – let us know if you want in too!

Your Gentle Body Cleanse Reminder

BEEP BEEP BEEP – hear that?  It's the alarm I set to remind you to join us in my Gentle Body Cleanse set to start February 3rd.

For the entire lowdown on the cleanse – head here.

It's hands down one of the BEST things you can do for yourself after the toll Christmas and New Year take on our bodies.  

Because the gut is the pivot of your health, sometimes it needs a little care – and a cleanse is the best way to do that.  If you're feeling horrible after the crazy season, you want to get your health back on track, experience more energy, improved sleep, better digestion, possible weight loss, less cellulite, diminish anxiety and emotional issues, improve hormone health and fertility and feel gangbuster awesome – here's your solution.

To sign up for the cleanse follow the instructions on the original post.  Get ready, we start in just a few short weeks!

Announcing…. Debunking PCOS TOUR!

Oh my ovaries!!  I've been busting to announce this…

Debunking PCOS National Tour!

You loved Debunking Ovulation, and now we're set to tour this beautiful country with the next instalment – nutting through Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome!

Here's what you'll learn:

+ debunking PCOS, how to understand your cycle (or lack of cycle)

+ myths and truths of PCOS

+ why PCOS happens

+ how to get your body back on track

+ how to heal PCOS

+ beyond PCOS


Tour dates and locations:

Melbourne - Saturday 15th March 2014

Sydney (AM session) - Saturday 5th April 2014

Sydney (PM session) - Saturday 5th April 2014

Brisbane (AM session) - Saturday 12th April 2014

Brisbane (PM session) – Saturday 12th April 2014

Perth - Saturday 10th May 2014

Tickets are limited – be sure to run, not walk, to avoid disappointment!

Stay tuned for Adelaide, Hobart and possibly Canberra!  Oh and Byron – let us know if you want in too!

To secure your ticket, use the links above for you capital city.  I can't WAIT to see you there.  And be sure to share with ALL your girlfriends – every women deserves the right to know this stuff!