I know what you're thinking, hot coco is pretty basic – a no brainer to make.  Agreed!  But have you ever thought about experimenting?  

I teamed up coconut cream with exquisite cocoa powder last night – and the result was amazing!  Do you own a coffee machine?  I simply heated up the milk using the coffee milk frother and added cocoa but you could do it on the stove also.  Now I realise unsweetened cocoa isn't everybodies cup of tea, and you could of course sweeten it to your liking.  Not eating sugar? Use xylitol or stevia to sweeten.  Perfect for a autumn night!

Just another treat to add to your swag.  

But if you're wondering what all the fuss is about with coconut products (water, milk, cream, oil, butter), know this.  They are chockers of antimicrobial properties and lauric acid, meaning they go gangbusters on your gut.  Here's what I love the most – they do wonderful things to your breast milk helping to assist in healthy weight gain for your baby, but not to your hips.  Coconut products help to balance out a healthy weight.  What a winning combo!

Cocao is a superfood rich in nutrients and nuropeptides, it's busting with antioxidants and packed full of various minerals including Calcium, Zinc, Iron and Potassium.  Seriously good stuff.  It also does wonders to curb the appetite and assist in healthy weight management.

Put the two together and what's not to like?  

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