How to Buy Alloy Wheels

Alloy wheels aren’t popular just because they look sporty—they’re lightweight, and they’re also more affordable than steel wheels. Alloys are created from a combination of aluminum, magnesium and other materials, and they’re known to offer drivers a smoother experience. Though “steelies” are sometimes used on racing vehicles, today’s consumers often prefer the appearance and customisation capabilities of alloys. These Alloy wheels are well-suited to everyday driving, and customers can make purchase decisions based on the criteria listed below.

Buying Alloys Based on the Vehicle’s Model and Make

Customers choosing alloy rims using a mag wheel selector for their vehicles can buy a set that’s compatible with their car’s make and model, such as Ford Ranger rims. Alloys are designed to fit certain vehicles, and shopping according to your make and model can guarantee that you’ll find the right set for your vehicle.

Alloy Materials

Alloy 4WD rims are made of one or more materials to offer you a simplified driving experience. Each material in a set of alloys may affect the wheels’ price and performance, and it’s important for you to learn about each type of wheel before making a decision. Certain materials can increase wheels’ strength and extend their life, as listed in the sections below.


Most alloy wheels are made primarily of aluminum. It’s a high-performance, lightweight material, and because of these benefits, these 4×4 wheels online Australia can provide a smoother driving experience and faster braking response. Aluminum alloys are pleasing to the eye, and they can work well for a variety of vehicle types. Their light weight can benefit various parts of the vehicle’s suspension, and because they’re available from many companies, you’ll have a range of prices and brands from which to choose. Some consumers prefer to have wheels and tyres of the same brand, which is easy when you buy a wheel and tyre package.


Some alloys are made partially of magnesium. These often cost more than aluminum alloy wheels, but they’re lighter in weight. They’re commonly used in racing and other specialty applications; they’re not as durable as aluminum alloys, which makes them less suited to everyday driving. Magnesium alloy wheels are more likely to bend, but they’re preferred for their aesthetic appeal.

Metal Combos

Some alloys are made of a mix of metals, such as magnesium, nickel and aluminum. These wheels offer the best of all worlds, and they can be a good choice if you’re looking for a set of wheels that will work in a variety of conditions. Some alloys are made of chrome, copper, iron and silicon, which can add features such as rust proofing, strength and high performance.

Rim Diameter

When you buy your wheels from a 4WD superstore, you’ll buy them according to their diameter. That means you’ll need to find a set of tyres that fits the rims perfectly; a wheel and tyre package can simplify the process. It’s very important that you measure your wheels and tyres properly—if you don’t, they won’t fit well, and they may cause problems with drivability and performance. Consult an online vendor or a local installer for advice on choosing the right size wheels and matching bull bars for any vehicle or application.

Choosing a Set of Alloys

When it’s time to upgrade your wheels, you’ll be faced with some decisions. Some vendors offer their options in two- or four-wheel sets, which is an affordable choice if you need multiple wheels. It’s best to buy all your wheels at the same time to ensure proper matching. You’ll see the PCD number, which indicates how many bolts a set of wheels has. The PCD number must match that of your existing wheels for perfect fitment. Again, finding a reliable installer or vendor is the best way to find the right size wheels for your car or 4WD.

In Closing

Your vehicle’s wheels may need occasional replacement, and many of Australia’s drivers are switching to alloys. These are typically more lightweight and versatile than conventional steel wheels, and they’re made of a variety of metals. To find alloy wheels or a 4X4 mags, visit us online or call today.